Word of the people

The visual arts program of the Cool Days Festival includes, for its XVIII edition, the participation of three renowned artists. Pilar Albarracín, Avelino Sala and Agustí Torres will present their projects, starting this Thursday, May 11, within the framework of an eclectic and avant-garde festival devoted to the performing and visual arts.

As in other editions, the creators invited by the festival’s curator, Fernando Gomez de la Cuesta, have started from the culture that welcomes them to build their own research.

Avelino Sala presents “Paraula de poble” on Friday May 12 at 8 pm on the terrace of the Teatre. A poetic-political action carried out in collaboration with a team of glosadoras and glosadores of Artà. The sharp irony of the gloss, the sense of humor, the ability to improvise and the willingness to place the critical point on any topic, from local issues to global concerns, is read in a participatory key, positioned and questioning by the artist.

Special thanks to Glosadores per versos and Fernando Gomez de la Cuesta.