ANARCHY. Red Neon light 600×110 cm
Site specific

Accidente/Occidente as an apohony works here as a public art proposal in the context of LA CIUDAD TOMADA, curated by Dalia de la Rosa, Suset Sanchez, Omar Pascual Castillo and Octavio Zaya.

Occidere (to fall to the ground but from where it also derives sunset) and Accidere (to fall to the side but also to happen an unfortunate event) that poses a portrait of our time. Like an X-ray in times of pandemic collapse and migratory crises, in the context of Las Palmas it functions as a wake-up call and a reflection on the disturbing capacity of human beings for self-destruction.
We live in turbulent times. We are immersed in a change (or end) of cycle. The dystopias that have tormented us through science fiction have already caught up with us. The nightmares of a place devastated by climate change, by the emergence of populist totalitarian regimes, by a stark, ultra-liberal human being, totally stripped of the collective, are already here. Walls are being erected to “protect” us and keep us “safe”, the Mediterranean is one big graveyard, climate change denialism is rampant, we live for too many years…. Europe is broken, the pandemic is raging…. Perhaps it is the twilight of the cycle of civilisation as we know it. If the West is an Accident, it will be the preamble to collapse and Anarchy, even if it is not yet visible.