Barricade (Blockhouse)

In times of crisis, in the context of late capitalism, something is crumbling and human beings are searching for a balance, for a response that will give meaning to this current global situation; in short, they are seeking not to be depressed, and they are fighting, positioning themselves as a resistance to power, to the capitalist system, to hegemony.
The projects that Avelino Sala presents in ADN are situated in this social context. They are manifestations of resistance that, starting from a certain aesthetic sense, ironically propose how, from thought and the visual, a critical stance of questioning and opposition to reality can be taken. A clear example of this position is the work Block House , which occupies the central space of the gallery. Moving through the room, the spectator is confronted by a barricade of black books – black tyre – that acts as a metaphor for a cultural trench, a kind of intellectual bunker. The space devised by Sala is therefore a space of resistance, from which to protect oneself but at the same time to prepare the fight and articulate the counterattack.