Duchamp revisited, 2007, Multiple objet, Produced by LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial, 50 x 40 ø cm.

This responds to the invitation of the art centre and Creación Industrial Labour, to prepare a draft specific (production of a manifold) to the institution, to consider a work related to industrial production and the concept of the readymade, room arises take over not only the idea of readymades, but own readymade of Marcel Duchamp Bottle Rack. Sala reinterprets in the style of the current era (postmodern) that object, in a red pvc, which simply buys in a warehouse of industrial products and emulating the own Duchamp, sign and send to the Art Center.

Action, in a certain sense pays tribute to the creator of readymade and one of the key figures of the history of art. On the other hand plays with the idea of appropriation, technical this artist also performed in other languages, such as the cinema, phrases or other objects, as in the own part the enemy is inside, shoot over us.