DYSTOPIA/UTOPIA (The Submerged World)

The DISTOPIA/UTOPIA project (The submerged World) watercolour series is a visual reading of J.G. Ballard’s 1962 science fiction novel, where “Seas, swamps and lagoons cover most of the Earth. Rising temperatures have led to a tropical climate, so that flora and fauna proliferate in an extraordinary way and the world seems to return to the Triassic. The few humans must travel by boat and survive on the few remnants of civilisation they can find on the higher floors of the now submerged skyscrapers. They live under constant threat from animals, insects and diseases, which are now difficult to combat… “With this delicate technique and through images almost from an archive of icons close to advertising, the artist speaks to us of the post-apocalyptic moment that we are almost verging on. The beauty and delicacy contrast with the message, in a very beautiful and at the same time terrible pictorial work. As a paradigm of a future closer than it seems, towards which the human species is heading.