Despite being three pieces, I see the project as a large installation of three elements, wall texts in a closed cooling circuit (in search of the miracle), a tribute to the Dutch artist Bas Jan Ader, who disappeared in 1975 in his performative transatlantic voyage entitled In Search of the Miraculous, a processual work that changes according to the freezing of its surrounding exterior and its textual structure made of copper, an important and alchemical conductive element, which dialogues with the sculptural Still Life as a metaphorical Orbis Giardini, where the preserved moss, that artisanal materiality where the moss is subjected to the whim of its manipulators, denotes our depraved obsession to aestheticize our reality, falsifying it, freezing it in time for our enjoyment, our intimate, selfish and devouring pleasure. To then remind us that we are at the critical and precise point of “no return”. That instant of the break where the evolution of the coming events are already inevitable.
Omar Pascual Castillo