It all started with a (roman) turtle

In ancient Rome, a practice widely used in the sieges by the legions military called had the turtle. This exercise consisted of covering it with their shields overlapping them as a shell. While the first row of men protecting the front of the formation with his own, they then lifted them up to the center of your face. If necessary, soldiers from the flanks and the back row could also cover the sides and the rear of the formation, but then the layer protection of shields covering the box is not closed completely to reduce their number. The turtle was a slow, but sure, practice as a sort of primitive bunkerizacion. The bunker is, next to the turtle, undoubtedly, the great example of locus for the defense, which is undermined in the land and that leaves no room for the fracture, the sore, wound, or hollow.
The idea of supranational State that continues to be a fiction positions us in the context of a Europe (raptured) on different parts. Northern Europe and southern Europe are two different worlds. If our fate is to be a “pig”, a few animals that takes advantage of everything absolutely, also have to understand that “they enjoy us” is there. Spain, Italy, Greece and Portugal are to the South, it is true, but Germany, France and others are to the North of the North. When the map is folded to approach distances are made more spacious.
Everything continues with a (roman) turtle
“The State is not a work of art” (Hegel remarks on the philosophy of law), at this point the artist asks: Which is the place of art according to the processes of crisis and no reason that this involved our Western European society in which obviously all failure? We are, once again, installed in dystopia. The time of fiction has reached a real moment, Europe has surprised US as a great machine that does not work. Culture (art) is not only one of those last places (watchtowers) to combat (symbolically) an unequal world, an (economic) totalitarian structure that makes it, new, victors and vanquished.
Everything ends with a (roman) turtle
The artists, we have to “make” works that serve as barricades, defensive sites of parapets. Sean shields, barricades or texts that will help us to resist. Or that or were waiting for us. The wait is another form of Defense. Wait nevertheless something to happen someday, without knowing very well what. Know it well workers who equip after the tires, throwing stones and hoping to get the miracle. Defense of the self, without understanding it as a possession, but as a fundamental principle, is the defense of the ideas that are maintained with consistency. And there, the life and thought of what one has to do will necessarily defend themselves until the ultimate consequences. In the 31 Treaty on the art of being right, Schopenhauer is to say that when one does not know that objection to the reasons given by the opponent, has declared him incompetent with a fine irony. A stratagem that only works when one is sure to enjoy reputation with listeners. Perhaps this is the last defense that remains, the irony. We have to resist waiting for, because ultimately, we know that we are right.