ICARUS project

Avelino Sala developed the Icarus Project, included in the 51 international exhibition of photography, presented at the Centre international art Palace Revillagigedo in Gijón. His analysis was the contemporary Asturias, punished by the deindustrialisation and the crisis. This would be covered by a contemporary Icarus, a fallen, crushed, devoid of dreams, nomadic angel that would illustrate that critical situation, while maintaining an open door to hope, to utopia. Once again, the emptying of zeal, in the form of angel, from its eerie silence, metaphor of the emptiness in which we live, transited among and stopped, at certain points degraded, marginal, desolate, leaving us the graphic evidence of its drifts and displacements. A poetic, the drift that is a landmark in the work of this artist. The Asturian Icarus moves through the maze of the region, by those non-places which are abandoned spaces, traces of an industrial past that still resists to live.