Into the void

“Salto al vacío” (2020) is the beginning of a more extensive investigation that situates its analysis in that precise moment in which decisions are taken, in that point of inflection that comes just after the debacle, in the complex context in which we now find ourselves: a situation of total uncertainty, of a change of paradigm. “Salto al vacío” is a study on doubt, on fears, on illusion and on that daring that leads us to carry out irreversible and passionate acts. A beautiful metaphor based on a qualified protagonist, a profile well known to Avelino Sala, on the figure of the artist, the creator and his blind leaps into the abyss. An impulse towards the unexplored that, despite the height, despite the risk, is not a suicide but a conscious, dangerous, enthusiastic and uncertain action, a voluntary and courageous act that implies going forward, towards that place that we want, that we love, that we desire, but that we do not know.