Avelino Sala takes as the basis of his proposal the research on the Prestige oil spill, which devastated the Cantabrian coast in Spain. This year marks the 20th anniversary of the disaster. His work proposes to establish a dialogue between this catastrophe and other similar ones in order to talk about the importance of reviewing history in order to understand all its intricacies and thus avoid future disasters.
The section on the Galician ecological catastrophe is centred on a video (El Hundimiento/Prestige), together with archival material that the artist has been compiling for years as a result of his research focused on the legal battle of that event, especially through a long interview with the prosecutor who worked on the case. For more than 16 years, Álvaro García Ortiz (then the environmental prosecutor of Galicia and now the General prosecutor of the State) fought against the shipping company, the insurance company, the captain of the ship and the politicians involved, resulting in the first sentence in Spain for environmental crimes. A historic environmental milestone, in which the victim was nature, the sea, the natural environment.